Building Campaign

Progress is being made on Phase I of the Building Campaign.  The final renderings of the Church are completed and provided below.

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Honoring Our Past, Grounding Our Faith, Building Our Future 

At Our Lady of Peace, we know that our Lord is with us whenever we gather for worship, to study His word, and to come together for fellowship.

Our beloved church has served our community for the past 50 years. With expected growth in our greater community during the next decade and beyond, it is time to upgrade and expand our current facilities.

Parish leadership, during the past several years, has created a vision for what our parish will be in the next 50 years. Originally, our plan was to build a new sanctuary. That plan has been revised and we now look to expand our sanctuary, and build new classrooms and a parish hall.

IMG_0129The Honoring our Past, Grounded in Faith, Building our Future Capital Campaign is the nal step toward ful lling this vision. Your support is needed. Many of you have given to the Building Fund, and that support will serve
as the foundation for this project. Our parish is grateful and thanks you. All parishioners, including those who have supported the Building Fund, are being asked to step forward and add their support in what will nish this project. Our parishioners are quick to share the talents bestowed on them. You give your time and your treasure.

Your parish is asking you, once again, to be generous.

THE NEED: Prepare Our Lady of Peace for the next half-century of ministry and service to our parishioners and community.

THE SOLUTION: Expand and upgrade our sanctuary, and replace our parish hall and classrooms.

Screen Shot 2016-09-11 at 9.56.31 PMOur Lady of Peace’s renovation project begins with the replacement of our current parish hall and classrooms. They have served us well, but are showing their age. Building new will provide us with facilities that will allow the parish to thrive for generations to come. The former Game and Fish house will remain and will continue to serve as a thrift store.

The next step in this renovation project is to extend and upgrade our sanctuary. The relocation of our parish hall and classrooms makes way for the sanctuary to be extended to the west. This allows for additional worship space and provides long-needed upgrades, such as electrical, mechanical and ADA. In addition, the roof will be replaced and properly insulated.

Building a new parish hall and classrooms, to be situated directly west of the sanctuary, is the nal step in the parish renovation project. The new parish hall will allow for social gatherings attended by up to 150 people. The classrooms will serve many purposes, including our critical religious education program. One of our callings is to help our youth grow in their love for Jesus Christ and learn about the Catholic faith.

Although there are several steps to this renovation project, construction will be completed on the entire project all at once. Timing will be determined once nances are in place and construction will occur to cause the least disruption to parish activities.

OLP we shareDonate: We appreciate all support for future building campaign.  To make a one time or recurring donation online, please click here.

Questions:  Please contact Brian Gray at (307)749-0741 or Erica Bohnet at the parish office at (307)367-2359.